SUR-SUD, a book series of the International Consortium of Critical Theory Programs published by Editions Jimsaan (Senegal), aims to foster conversations between the African and Latin American continents on pressing contemporary issues—migration, memory, violence, refuge, decoloniality, debt, development, futurity, spirituality, ecology, world and race, to name a few—through the translation of Latin American and Caribbean theoretical interventions into French. The series disrupts existing genres, styles and methods of critical writing, thinking expansively about what constitutes theory.

Forthcoming Books

Politique Pluriverselle
Etres de la Terre
Sumak Kawsay

Memory and Autobiography
The Myth of Economic Development
Not One Less

The Black Register
On Practices and Discourses of Decoloisation
Resolutely Black

The Haitian Revolution
Modernity and "Whiteness"
Plebian Prose

Eruptions of Memory